There has been an undeniable groundswell among First Nation’s people in recent years. Though this mission has always existed for Indigenous Australians, continuing to pick up steam more and more with every passing year, and though there is still a massively long way to go in this country, the influence and involvement of Indigenous tradition is beginning to be felt throughout society and, particularly in the music scene. One artist at the forefront of this movement is hip-hop/soul performer and poet, DRMNGNOW.

DRMNGNOW’s rise to prominence began with ‘Australia Does Not Exist’, a frank and honest appraisal of the illegitimacy of a country founded through illegal and horrific colonial practices, and continued with ‘Ancestors’, a solemn look at what it means to be indigenous in the modern world with an endless history behind you. DRMNGNOW’s latest single ‘Survive’ triumphs the strength of First Nation’s people through generations of mistreatment, the track carries so much power both in its words and its performance as DRMNGNOW delivers with an intense, impassioned and complex flow.

As DRMNGNOW’s appearance at Grampians Music Festival in scenic regional Victoria draws ever nearer, we wanted to hear all about five of his favourite music videos.

OETHA – ‘Cruisin’

Directed by: Rush IG

DRMNGNOW: “Simply powerful. To see this celebration of three Indigenous women coming into their full powers as a trio is simply a blessing for all of us to bare witness too. We need to see a whole lot more of this.”

MIIESHA – ‘Drowning’

Directed by: Clare Nica

DRMNGNOW: “In her first two film clips Miiesha shot them both on her community Wooribinda. That’s dope to me and ahead of the game. For all the tricks that can be used in music video making to actually commit to repping ones community so powerful from the outset. I feel like that’s a snapshot into the full circle we are coming to as a music world in terms of finding what’s actually most important to in life. For First Nations people’s that’s so often and more often than not the land and our communities we inhabit.”

BIG LUKE feat. DARAH & YOUNG AK – ‘Stay Strong’

DRMNGNOW: “It’s important to see ourselves represented and reflected back. This film clip does that for me. It was shot on Cummergunja mission where my people the Yorta Yorta are from. This song produced by and featuring my brother Darah and cousins Luke and Amos back around 2011. The inspiration I get from this is endless.”

CHRISTINE ANU – ‘Sunshine On A Rainy Day’

DRMNGNOW: “I remember watching Christine Anu as a kid being so in awe of her as an Indigenous super star.  An amazing artist that was just so radiant and you really get a feel for that here in this one and in all her clips.”

SNOTTY NOSE REZ KIDS – ‘Boujee Natives’

Directed by: Perry Miotto

DRMNGNOW: “These brothers from Turtle Island have been solidly releasing content for a minute and now starting to shine bright. Unabashed Indigenous pride at its finest here. Truly love this. “

DRMNGNOW is appearing at Grampians Music Festival alongside the likes of Julia Jacklin, Ecca Vandal, These New South Whales, Maddy Jane, Clypso, Raave Tapes, Miiesha and so many more.

Halls Gap, VIC on 28th & 29th February 2020.

For full line-up, tickets and all the info: https://grampiansmusicfestival.com/

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