PREMIERE: Mijo Biscan – That’s So Pretty (Dir. Shiran Eliaserov & Johan Planefeldt)

As a relationship blooms, simmers and fractures a woman is left to wonder. In Mijo Biscan’s stirring and beautiful new track, the Melbourne singer/songwriter reflects upon the dissolution of a romance, picking away at threads in an attempt to unravel what has transpired. Directors Shiran Eliaserov and Johan Planefeldt wanted to capture this sentiment, but present it with fresh eyes and a bit of a twist: “We wanted to portray a fragile teenage girl that struggles with her non-committing boyfriend. Whereas the song tells the story from the boy’s perspective, in the video we get to see the relationship from the girl’s point of view.”

Mijo Biscan – ‘That’s So Pretty’ (BTS photos thanks to Shiran Eliaserov & Johan Planefeldt)

“We see flashbacks from her anticipation as they start to date each other, the fragile moments of her opening herself up, the happy moments they have together as well has the heart wrenching moments when it gets clear there is an ocean between them. At one point the couple is exposed to a supernatural force, a meeting with something bigger than life, a meeting that changes the course of everything. This phenomena we thought could symbolize the girl’s imagination of the unknown force that made her boyfriend unable to stay with her.”

There is a certain dream-like quality to the video, not only in the moments where the characters have their supernatural experience, but throughout. This feels reflective of the process of reminiscing and wondering, and also perfectly derivative of the composition of Biscan’s song. The video sways with the rich string-fuelled instrumentation that accompanies Biscan’s soulful vocal performance.

Mijo Biscan – ‘That’s So Pretty’ (BTS photos thanks to Shiran Eliaserov & Johan Planefeldt)

Planefeldt and Eliaserov have achieved this sense of near-fantasy through the dynamic and movement of the video, particularly in the use of many close and tight shots in the composition. As the directors explain: Parts of the video take place in an almost studio like setting where we only see close ups in extreme slow motion. This came from the idea of isolating and focusing on the different emotional states that the couple would journey through together. Initially we thought that the whole video would only be that, but as the song has such a movie like atmosphere we couldn’t resist to put the story inside of a fictional universe to add even more depth.”

The use of slow motion helps to ensure that these tight shots never feel claustrophobic or anxious, but extremely intimate. “In our work we often integrate somatic practices in the preparations of the protagonists or dancers. These techniques enable us to capture the body in a new light where we get an hypnotic texture on the screen. the slow motion is allowing the viewer to perceive this process to its micro cells.” 


Mijo Biscan – ‘That’s So Pretty’ (BTS photos thanks to Shiran Eliaserov & Johan Planefeldt)

There is so much warmth in this video, the viewer can’t help but feel close to the subjects. This feeling of comfort and personality is driven in part by the use of colour, both in the grade and in production design. There are warm pinks and light blues in the peaceful and happier scenes, and even in the conceptually darker shots there is still a focus on soft blues, greens and greys. Planefeldt and Eliaserov explain this approach: “The idea was to work with a palette based on baby blue and baby pink, to highlight the innocence and youth of the protagonists. We also liked the contrast between these kitschy aesthetics mixed with a darker story.”

After the song reaches its soaring apex in the final chorus, ‘That’s So Pretty’ closes with a wonderfully light reprise, with classic movie strings accompanying the summating line of the track: “Everything but my love looks good on you.” There is so much built into this line, it’s quite beautiful but also deeply devastating. It is the recognition and acceptance that no matter how much you might love a person, some things just aren’t meant to be.

Mijo Biscan – ‘That’s So Pretty’ (BTS photos thanks to Shiran Eliaserov & Johan Planefeldt)

Directors Shiran Eliaserov & Johan Planefeldt have captured this feeling so perfectly in this video. As this woman reaches even to the paranormal in an attempt to make sense of it all, the viewer is ushered through the gamut of emotions, asked also to attempt to make sense of the ambiguity and complexity that is love.

Here is the official video for “That’s So Pretty”

Music Video Credits

Writer/director/producer: Shiran Eliaserov & Johan Planefeldt. Director of photography: Johan Planefeldt. Editing: Johan Planefeldt & Shiran Eliaserov. Grading: Johan Planefeldt. Camera Asst: Keren Cherry. Actors: Emilia Von Heiseler & Wong Yee Him. Production: HOLYTROPIC –

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