SCK CHX - Feel The Same

SCK CHX – Feel The Same

This is bold filmmaking in so many ways. SCK CHX are clearly a young band, and this song is clearly one you’d associate with the dramas of adolescence and young adulthood, however Troy Baird has built a narrative around characters in retirement age. All those same feelings of being in a bar watching a band, trying to make eyes with the cute girl or guy across the room, smoking, playing pool and drinking with your friends, they are all there, just in a different setting. It’s a brilliant piece of expectation inversion.

The band is still playing their song with fervour, but no close ups or Hero shots connect us with them. Our hero is an older man out for love in a community centre/RSL. The daylight seeps in and the cinematography is extremely high quality. There is a cinematic quality to the video as a result of  these additions to the narrative choice. Zooms are implemented for dramatic effect, the control of the depth of field guides your eyes while the composition is lifted by a thought out colour palate and subdued, natural lighting. Whether because of well executed direction or not, the edit is seamless adding another layer to the already rich creation.

Here is the official video for “Feel The Same”

Music Video Credits

Director: Troy Baird. Producer: Brooke Laganà. Label: Yeah Nah Yeah Records.

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